Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Belgium court rules Google infringed news site’s copyright

BelgiumGoogle just lost a legal copyright case with Belgium, which rules that the number 1 internet search has to remove all link to the site. That Belgium news site claims google never seek permission to link, nor have they paid for the use of site content, hence the copyright infringement. Quote,

“"It is important to remember that both Google Web Search and Google News only ever show a few snippets of text," Reyes added. "If people want to read the entire story they have to click through to the web publisher's site where the information resides. We believe search engines are of real benefit to publishers because they drive valuable traffic to their websites."

Many experts predict that this may have profound impact on how internet site link and quote each other, as well as blog site. (Link)

Maybe they did not know who drives the entire Internet's traffic. Maybe they will proceed to sue Wikipedia next.

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