Saturday, July 16, 2005

How hard can life be in Singapore?

Met my friend 'Omega ali" on the way back from 2005. He has pretend not to recognize me, of course, consider my er...How to say?

We have our usual greeting, how are you? blah..blah and sort of, and than he tell me bout the life in Singapore. He whine bout the what a usual Singaporean like me would - HDB loan, taxes, jobs, gahmen and so on... Than he say: "life is getting harder and harder here nowsaday, one can no longer keep his dream and at the same time make a living."

I kept quiet....

"Dear Ali, how hard can life be daily? Wakeup 6am, travel 1hr, breakfast 7am, work til 12pm, lunch 1hr, work again til 6pm, OT til 8pm, travel home 1hr, watch TV 1hr, sleep, dream or contribute in national production. Repeat it 10950 times and add retired and wait for my time to go to the eternal world 7300 times."

Thats about it, can it be harder?

not unless you question about the meaning of life everyday.

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