Thursday, July 14, 2005

T. T. Durai: Day 3

The hooha of this CEO continue, as I pass by a few kopitiam overhearding quite a few conversation bout him. All negative...

Last nite, the petition site crash, I can't like really go there to sign, tonite I like to try again!

Strang though, in the civil sector you don't catch anything, oh! is there some rats there?

Even the reception of the clinic I went today talks bout it, negative; of course.

Mr Durai, I think you have read this,

By now my anger has turn to empathy, I wonder how do you feel now?

Are you crush? thinking that you have serve, help so many people and yet the same people that you 'care' hammer you back now.

This is how a saint or true patriot would feel now if you consider yourself one.

In the view of the public, carry your cross and go, please!

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