Monday, July 11, 2005

The misconception of Manga

Menga, generally known as comic or "漫画" in Chinese, is usually regards as a childish or form of bad source to use as education. But as human evolution advance, the quality of manga has also improved considerably, as a lover of comics, I wouldn't deny that my childhood was partly influence by the content of it, as well as cartoon, but wasn’t our best super heroes character came from comics? Look what has they become now. The early pioneer of manga is usually crude, no very well drawn but there are a few with great story line, now you can see there are more and more manga that not only contain mature story plot but great art work follow by intriguing fact, to date some country has officially regards manga as a source for teen education, some has even win awards.

As we human advance in technology, our reasoning power has also increase, so is it time that we really re-evaluate manga? There is a few reasons I believe we should.

First, I wouldn't said that most manga contain violent, pornography, and mis-education on humanity, but there are about 5% of it that not only contain great art work but also accurate historical fact and touching humanity story lines.

Like this one, the story line told an earth apocalypse, earth was turn into desert; one family was separated when they try to make their way back to earth, the mother of three children – Sarah set out to find her children on the anarchy earth.

Too bad the author - Takumi Nagayasu could not conclude the story, but by reading it is not difficult to imagine that if this was turn into a movie by George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, how great a film it will become.

The other good one is by - Murakami Motoka title ‘Ron’. The story told of this main character Ryu and his quest for truth:

This manga has won an education award in Japan. It is a worth read.

Mr Murakami was not only an artist, but he is very well verse in the culture and history of both Japan and China. In this long series of manga (37 thus far), he inter-twisted the history of 2 country and involved some historical figure by fictional tales, just to name a few – 东条英机, 鲁迅, 毛泽东, 蒋介石 are all in manga. And he also talks about the second world war.

For those who read 金庸 novel will certainly know what I meant, to tell a historical figure in a fictional story is not a so so easy thing to do, especially when you need to relate another fictional character created by you to them.

Well, so much I have said, to me these two manga are as good as reading Da Vinci code from Dan Brown, and better than reading 古龙.

Highly recommended, even to mature adult, don’t say I never said

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