Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don’t waste your money on motivational workshop

I have a theory. You can never be inspired by any amount of motivational speech when you are down, not even when it was delivered by Anthony Robbins. When you are inspired, you don’t care much even facing thousands of obstacles.

Bottom line. You don’t need to attend any power talk when you are not ready.

How to know? Juice yourself everyday, like what this Wikihow taught.

(Link) How to Create an Abundance Mentality, WikiHow.

A phrase there I cannot agree less – “Cut down on watching the news.


Anonymous said...

In reality, motivational talk is rubbish for me. No offense. They're talking the things that we already know and charge us arms and legs.

TZ said...

Thanks for the note, Horizon. I am sure some still claimed they benefit from those talks.