Friday, February 09, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 7

An IM program base on P2P concept, very fast file transfer

Top 10 magic tricks tutorial

VirtualDub pick
Capture video on desktop

The Daily Model
Tons of chios photos, absoluely SFW

MediaPortal 0.2.1
Turn your PC into a multimedia centre

Global Warming, the cool, hard facts
Is GW really coming? Is it really human's fault?

Trend Micro System Cleaner V.02 Nov
Back dated softeware, but still a powerful anti virus program

Google: Discover your links
Very interesting read for all blogger

Screen Record Pro V6
Record everything on you PC screen and make it into movie

Link to some more links

Free RAM Optimizer XP
One button frees your RAM, watch out!

How To Burn More Fat, With Less Effort
ScienceDaily school you on how to work out properly

2xExplorer R7xZ1 (Chinese)
Something like your desktop explorer

The BIGGG Tesla Coil
Very cool Tesla coil you'll see

3D Canvas
Free 3D tool

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