Friday, December 29, 2006

Internet’s stories of a Human with super endurance

Dean KarnazesDean Karnazes was a a normal HR clerk before he turns 30, he drank heavy and a lot, then he decide that enough is enough, motivated himself through extremely painful ordeal and now he is known as the ultramarathon man on the web. Wired recently profiles him.

Read my roundups if you are incline to search on him,

1. He completed 50 marathons in 50 days.
2. 200 miles non-stop running is a leisure for him.
3. He ever suffered from dehydration, hillucination and collapsed during his running.
4. A new laceless track shoe was born because of him.
5. He eats lot of junk food like hawaiian pizza, cookies during his running days, and carries a GPS HP for ordering them.
6. Dean Karnazes sleeps only 4 hours a day.
7. He have a a special watch that measures his speed, distance, calories burned, and elevation.
8. If he ever have an open wound, he would seal them with glue.
9. He learns to urinates and runs at the same time.
10. Stop hard drinking, he says.


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