Thursday, April 09, 2009

FaceBook as a new age Cult.

FaceBook as a new age Cult.ReadWriteWeb has this provocative writeup about FaceBook. Are they brainwashing user, molding us into a social pattern that fits their theory. So far, FB has ignore plead for changes, stating that all these changes are for better user experience. Etc. Snip from RWW,

“The company has forced millions of people into accepting big changes to their social environment despite protests, the social and identity data we create there is held captive and doesn't play well with other sites and Facebook says the end result is that the average person is now more connected than people are through "traditional communication." Every change to Facebook is a change in the social landscape for millions and millions of people - unless we stop using the service, we are at their mercy.”

Is this like a frog that is slowly, unknowingly cooked up in pot? Those who have similar mind controlled experience can tell?

(Link)ReadWriteWeb, Is Facebook a Cult?

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