Monday, April 06, 2009

NUK Baby products under investigation for asbestos

Below is the list of the 11 baby products announce by Korea Food and Drug Administration,

1. Daebong LS:Alo & lu Baby Compact Powder
2. Lakhee Pharmaceutical:Lakhee Baby Powder  
3. Sungkwang Pharmaceutical:Cutie Mamang Baby Powder
4. UCL:Babyra Baby Compact Powder
5. UCL:Babyra Baby Powder
6 .Boryung Mediance:Nuke Baby Powder
7 .Boryung Mediance : Boryung Nuke Baby Color Compact Powder
8. Boryung Mediance:Boryung Nuke Baby Compact Powder (White)
9. Boryung Mediance:Boryung Nuke Clinic Baby Powder (Powder)
10. Korea Monica Pharmaceutical:Monica Baby Powder
11. Korea Kolmar : Laqube Baby Powder

(Link)Hong Kong Liberty Times. Now China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are on NUK’s tail.

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