Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Only the pure hearted shall see my dress

Some said the children have pure heart and they sometimes see things we don't...
I agree, whole heartedly
William pointed at the window in an aberrant manner,
"Scare, scare..."
"Who?!! how many?"
Our heart almost jump out from the mouth.

"Koko and Chiechie, bit me..."
"Go away! go away!"
"Papa mummy here, ok? no scare, no scare."
We spent the next 1/2 hour fighting off the invisible 哥哥 and 姐姐, and he finally agree to sleep but still doubtlly staring at the window, as if the shadow will come back anytime.

We, salted the whole place and begin to chant.

Wizard and Sorcerer,
Witch and Warlord,
I place this 结界on the floor,
to ward off all evil,
this nite I shall not be disturb.

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