Thursday, February 09, 2006

Engage help of the Almighty

Since Our housekeeper has left the situation has worsten, our room is a mess now and nobody do the laundry, ironing and cleaning the floor etc.
Better still, we have 3 kids and gonna work....
We desperatly seek a part time helper, so we go Yahoo Classified and found this

A Group of Christian doing house keeping services.
for a reason know only to themselves, and raising church fund.....

They only charge S$8 / hour, and belongs to the **** Christian Church group, this is an answer from the all great 'Creator', who cares what will come to my house and say, just get all my house chores done and I'll praise the lord.

But, wait till they come to my house, we have a little surprise for them... wait till they find out who we are.

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