Friday, January 12, 2007

Abstruse temple in Tanjong Pagar

Click to enlargeI have been watching this temple for years already, if you stay around here or always pass by . It is located near TP MRT and behind Amara Hotel; you may notice some very unusual things about it,

1. The temple is literally a military bunker of some sort; it is fenced with high wall and metal bars, reinforced with bulk wires. I am surprise there is no guard posted.
2. Visitors are sacred, even during special festive period.
3. In the midst of prime economic area, neighbor’s land and building has all given way to more important money making structure, but the temple still stood.

From a distance, the temple seem odd and out of place with all the tall financial building beside it. Unable to comprehend, I came out with some reason myself,

1.) It is an obscenely rich treasury vault or secret base of some kind.
2.) Some very very important people are behind it.
3.) The temple has great cultural and historical importance.
4.) It cannot be removed because of Fengshui.
5.) Spiritual reason.

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