Thursday, January 11, 2007

All Euro dollar were contaminated by cocaine

Euro notesA research done by a PhD student on 45 Euro note, assist by a professor from NCSR. Jonathan Bones found out that all 5, 10 20 and 50 banknotes in Ireland come in contact with the deadly powder in some point, because Euro note has cotton structure that absorb chemical, the residues of the drugs can be easily pick up by a method involving chromatography/mass spectrometry, aka the forensic technique.

Bones also said,
“The most recent survey carried out in the US showed 65% of dollar notes were contaminated with cocaine. However, the 100% rate uncovered in this project was surprising.”

Via Truthdig – (Link) No wonder use of Euro dollar is on the raise, it’s so addictive, try not to sniff on the note.

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