Friday, January 12, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 3

RAM Saver Pro 4
Convenience tool, check your RAM, release them, and can also set manually

Burj Al Arabi
Dubai announced their 35 storey high Human like structure, can’t wait to see

CM Diskcleaner 2.1.7
Acts like all windows system tools into one, it even clean your registry.

Singapore spiritual phenomenon
On 7th Jan, many Singaporean spotted a bright blue green light dash across the sky

PStart v2.09
Organize your frequently use program so you can find them easily

Monitor your PC upload and download traffic, tool for Administrator.

Apple wave - IPhone
This will surely be the gadget talk for 2008

Know thyself, know thy enemy

O Click All Ye Faithful
Judith Zoebelein, the editorial director of the Internet Office of the Holy See, talks about the Internet.

Image Analyzer 1.26
Small, but very useful.

Karaoke on your PC, go try it.

Ejournal 1.0.6
Blogging tool, not exactly

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