Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Children's Immortality search, surf with caution

If you Google for children's immortality and see this picture, continue to scroll down if you like. CAUTION! The site offers something I cannot comprehend, plus some not so nice photos deem disturbing to parent like goatse. I will offer no link here. Site creep me out a little.

I hope you come to my site first before go there.

If you study the whole site, Please tell me what it is about?


Anonymous said...

My site on mandatory immortality is built to rewire your creeped out brain, but, you'll need to give up your love of DEATH first.

TZ said...

Wow, thanks for those links and so. I would very much like to commend on your awesome IQ about this comment.

Before I do, please accept my humble compliment about your great works, I can see that you invested immense amount of time into creating those blogzzz.

Thanks for coming.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you.... my google yahoo msn algorithm hacking took over 38,000 hours of search algorithm analytics and is still ongoing.

Now I am teaching children, internationally, to massively, synchronously and respectfully "hack all search results", using my evolvable methods, to overwhelm consciousness with respect for life; to replace freedom sickness aka confusion maintenance denied... with survival aptitude socialization strategies.

Love of Physical Immortality