Monday, March 23, 2009

New proposed Act gives more powder to our police, you should feel safer soon

I keep wondering. Why HDB recently installed CCTV in my block’s lifts, without even a simple FYI to the resident. It is of course, for security purposes. Silly. Mas Selamat is still at large. He is very likely… still in Singapore. We should keep our eye open.

Thinking of this, I can totally understand why there is a need to regulate outdoor activities.

News - New Act Aims To Give More Power to Police.

Hmm.. more power to police is a good thing. You can never know. Nowadays, fanatic are very resourceful, they can pass immigration undetected, disguise as good, obedient citizen and then organize a seemingly innocence fellowship at East Coast. Just waiting to disrupt our social order. Good thinking.

I am also intrigue by the coverage of this Act - “The order can also be issued pre-emptively, meaning police can intervene if they assess that an offence is about to be committed.” Strike first, prove later. Very efficient. Something like ISA. Right?

Link to the proposed Act here – (Link)

But I must protest here. I like to take video at my children’s school leh! With the new act, it may not be so convenience for me.

I have a suggestion. Why not make all proven good citizen wear an “innocence” hand-band so police cannot anyhow spot check them. That would make us safer.

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