Monday, September 12, 2005

True Jounalist = heck write whatever you like!

Maybe I should not use this big word journalist, blogging would be more appropriate.

During my primary school time my teacher has told me that a writer is a ‘无冕皇帝’, a.k.a Crownless Emperor , which in term means you rules and influence people without being recognize. This is still very true now.

I am referring to recently famous she blogger kena left right center from her blogders and some blogger. She was quite down now and I hope that I am not adding any salt to her wound.

She is too “kind”.

You tell me that you can walk across wire rope hang between 2 high raise building, good! I can accept that. But it will be another story when you ask me to walk along with you, risking my neck for you. Is your cause even worthy at all? When you come out here to face the public, be prepare to take it alone if you have to.

Hell than not like lostin. He can write anything he likes. Cheerio for the clueless farmer, at least he don’t have to worry about 树大招风.

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