Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sex. is the number one act that can save humanity

When I first hear the news, I thought I heard wrongly. Singapore Ministry of Health early secure their worker early to encourage them to have sex, ahm.. to make more baby for the country. The first thought that comes to my mind was, man! why Ministry of Health? It should be HDB, even Singapore Town Council.

Let me explain a bit...

You see, Singaporean are strategically placed, sorry, most of us live in a high rise flat built by our government. Or many of us know it as Housing Development Board(HDB) flat. They don't turn off the light. Never. Not at Earth most desperate hour. Nay.

They also installed CCTV at every lift of HDB. I personally believe my country has the most CCTV per square feet in the World.

I talk too much off topic. Nevermind.

After some desperate Google I finally come to my senses, disappointingly inform wife that it was actually a far off eastern peninsula that have this incentive. We can only hope, and maybe learn to master a foreign tongue to enjoy it. Alas! We cannot.
BabyWe are not catching up but our age are. I mean we have 3 children, but our circle of friends, have an average of 4 per family. Joke aside, in fact I thought our gahmen was kidding when they first announce to give away baby bonuses to encourage sexual.. making baby. We just couldn't see the issue, and we still don't.

Why oh why Singaporean refuses to make baby. Or even get married.

I remember a famous man, I can't remember who, told me that humanity would perish in a 100 years if everyone refuses to make baby.

I like to close this article here and turn off our light early. We would like to have another baby.

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