Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Singaporean's geek

I am by definition not a geek. The pre-acquisition of a Singaporean geek is you must at least own a iPhone 3Gs. I carry a traditional Nokia.

Even the cleaner who work at our HDB block owns one. It doesn't matter if you know only 2 buttons, and only listen to mp3 on your phone. Owning a Apple iPhone product is a stylish thing to do this day.

Actually Singaporean geekdom kinda piss me off. Few days ago my friend show off his new Nexus One to us. After playing with the naughty little track ball I scrutinize this still in beta beautiful handset, Only to realize that my fingers still linger with that sensation.

I swear to kill the geek in me that night. I cannot find him at home.

I fire up my Firefox this morning to find it flooded by the word 'iPad'. I am sure my face blushes by that Sexy-naughty name. Unaware that it was not a lady's product, I scramble to close my browser. Later, I was told that it is Apple new tablet PC which seem to be the only kind of worthy news my tech friend is reading then.

Question remains, the day that it is launch in Singapore.

I can imagine everyone showing off their iPad on public transport, in shopping mall and everywhere.

The news headline reads, "Do you have your own iPad?"

The sound of people tabbing their iPad while doing business in the toilet....

I think I will avoid Facebook for a while, else I see photo of iPad on every single click.

That will be a horror..

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