Monday, August 02, 2010

False Prophet

Below are philosophical views and thoughts, if you are the kind who may simultaneously combust out of too much thinking, you should stop here.

How fake can a human being be? I mean, how can you tell a fake human, unless you know a real one personally, there is no reference you can rely on.

An example, someone tries to be, or pretend to be one kind when he is in public view, but leads a very different private lifestyle. It is contradictory, isn’t it? But how do you know this is not what a human being is originally meant to be?

I once read an article that someone synthesized egg which consists the yolk, white and shell. It can be break, cook, fried, and taste exactly like an regular egg. Hell, it even has a cheaper cost than a real one. Chemically, it is no different from a real one, only it is not laid by an hen.

Further to this, does a exact copy of a real one constitutes a fake? And be given a lower value than the original?

Walk around Singapore China Town and you will see those fake bums they were selling, I always wonder how many woman bought it, and how many man likes it. It is ironic that we fake in every way in our daily life we can but we dislike fake stuff.

Thanks to Technology, particularly the Internet, you can fake anything but it will reveals it’s true form once it reaches the web. I bet, an evil man may even grow horn on his head if he stays long enough on Internet.

There is a kind of person who screws everything in life but only good in one things he do, he hates it’s every moment, it tortures himself daily and he struggles every moment living in it. But, he is good at it.

What should he do? Pretend to be the false prophet for the rest of his life?

I borrow this photo from Post Secret to put more impact into my article. Is this the time already? I hate to pretend.

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