Friday, March 24, 2006

Western and Eastern Air Race

No matter the super power nation or just some small islanded nation, the competition of military might has always been like kids from next door. Hey! I had a bigger toy than you.
China has anounce their mighty next generation fighter aircraft, the J-10A, which original concept from Russia, and in design, hope to break away for their precedent. It is also believes that this aircraft would be a great leap forward in Technology. (Link)

The West are concern, in fact they already have Join Strike Fighter - F35 series standby, the first test flight of this Eagle is schedule at August this year, if every thing go smoothly, it will enter USAF service in 2008 and replace all F15. (Link) and (Link)

The ever upgrading of military tech is like the personal computer in my house, before I can finish my lastest game, from 486 it became P4, and now Dual Core!

The military budget every year also like my daily expenses, I am too stupid to find any connection between them, but than hor! how come they behave the same way, only up never down? And my stress also increase exponentially every year, like that where got mood to vote?


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