Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Space travel in Cyberspace

Sourceforge has this woderful software which allow me to experience Jean Luc Picard dream without having to wait for the arrival of 25th century.
I must confess, I had been using this software the whole afternoon for my "worked related research", hope you don't mind.

You can actually see the whole of solar system in stunning graphic at merely an hour.

I spend 1/2 hour warping around Earth at a speed of 1000 Km/sec, which is impossible to accomplish during my life time, they said if you are dead, your spirit can warp through the whloe universe in mere seconds, how I wish that was true.

Go and download from SourceForge for your own space travelling experience. (Link)

Choose your download. (Link)

Watch the short video that I put up:

Go to YouTube to comment on this video. (Link)

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