Thursday, March 23, 2006

Religious satire and insult - how much are you able to take?

Human wedge war not in the name of politic, but in the name of Religion.
Civilisation clashes, mass genoside, slavery, freedom oppression all in the name of some great faith, who wants to be the leader in religion? which faith has the ultimate truth that will finally give salvation to mankind? or is it that we are hopeless?

I think Matt Stone's blog exist by accident, some bits of the big bang must have trigger this thought, merely the Darwinism, Science, no intelligent whatsoever!

Oh! I forgot the warning, if you could offended by people making jokes about you belief, please don't click on this, and his blog.

But if you had a light Heart, please go enjoy Thought Mechanics - Jesus Christ Musical, I will Survive.

and relax hor!


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