Monday, March 20, 2006

Birds sculpture cut and crafted out from soft drinks cans

I sighted it on sales at Woodland MRT. Because this is from a roadside seller, I rekon you would not see this again, and antie also look quite 'cham', so I got 2 from her.
The cans was cut away from the top, and the wall was cut into many slices, each slice was then painfully weave unto each other to make it look like either a swan or others birds.

I called this soft drinks cans art, it is even more expressive than Origami.


paulynn said...

Impressive.I've seen these can arts before...erm,how much did you pay?

TZ said...

One for SGD 3, two for SGD 5, worth it!

paulynn said...

yup.for the effort put into making these art pieces.&
"shan you shan bao"(^_^)