Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Internet television rants

While I am Googling for Internet TV resources(because Singapore TV program no class), I came across a few of them.
And a few point to note, for myself.
Notably Mediahopper look quite interesting, and I browse through a few of their program(few hundred hor), my eye also cannot take it, maybe some other times. You really need a lot of time to find what you like, and yes, they are all quite available, US, Japan, Korea, take your time hor.

But what like to share is this, the Holersoft free internet TV, it claims to provide 750 TV station, and more, it is also P2P software, which make streaming faster, but you will have to pay to get over the trial period, too bad.

I will definitely start watching wwwiTV, say bye bye Channels U, 5 and 8.


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