Thursday, March 23, 2006

Epigenetics - What you can't see can hurt you.

You may be a Christian, Buddhist or just an Atheist, but it is hard to deny how gene is affecting us and our descendant.
Even without any solid proof, many Scientists now start to believe that gene does more than just pass down defects, they actually thinks that gene also carry some "spiritual" properties, and can pass down emotion quality.

Believe it of not, which means some emotion difficulty that you are facing now could be what your ancestor had experience long time ago.

What your child ‘inherit’ also greatly depend on what you go through during your life time, or you tendency in life. This all sound like how the Historian had said that history tends to repeat itself, not to forget how Buddhism explains 因果循环.

Can we change our gene? Maybe not, but we can start to decide what emotion quality we want our children to carry.


According to Digg and Technology Review, EpiGenetics is one of the 10 Emerging Techs.


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