Friday, March 24, 2006

Ululation of a middle class worker

Today is friday, and lostin cannot tell you how much important is friday to you.
Before lostin leave the office, the gentle lady came to him.
"Mr lostin, I am leaving the office early today, can you do me a favor?"
Stupid lostin answer question base on his instinct, too fast, big mistake.
"Please help to swtich off the light, wash up the cups and trays, also take out the trash on your way out."

lostin as the paterfamilias of his house, cannot say no to whatever job request.

further more, he has two wives and five kids to take care of at home, whatever task, be it within job scope or not, he cannot afford to lose them.


Anonymous said...

hi..came by from FatBoyLee's blog.
haha.. do u really have 2 wives and 5 kids?

btw, the WeiQi photo at the sidebar, who's black and who's white? I play WeiQi too! (but very lousy at it..)

paulynn said...


TZ said...

My 1st wife is a beautiful lady, my 2nd wife is from our wonderful gahmen, which come with water supply and electric too, furniture not included.

2 of my other 'kids' sit in my study room, which soon would have to give way to my real kids.