Friday, March 24, 2006

Ululation of a middle class worker

Today is friday, and lostin cannot tell you how much important is friday to you.
Before lostin leave the office, the gentle lady came to him.
"Mr lostin, I am leaving the office early today, can you do me a favor?"
Stupid lostin answer question base on his instinct, too fast, big mistake.
"Please help to swtich off the light, wash up the cups and trays, also take out the trash on your way out."

lostin as the paterfamilias of his house, cannot say no to whatever job request.

further more, he has two wives and five kids to take care of at home, whatever task, be it within job scope or not, he cannot afford to lose them.

New Helicopter enable more life saving trip

The new Helicopter, by Star Flight rescue, enable to carry heavier load and pack with better medical facility that can care for baby in critical medical contition. (Link)


Meet US military insect robot squad

The US Pentagon is planning to fill their rank with insect, mechanical type.
The initial mchanical spy was name 'microfly' which by name you can tell what is it, than the researcher Ron Fearing encounter difficulty, he do not know how to make it fly, lets hope he do in the future.(Link)

Among the funded project, there is also this robot lobster which is now exposed to public. Look quite cute huh? it is also not as deadly as SWORDS which carried weapons. It's main function was to sniff out bombs. (Link)

Remember BigDog? there are going to be more project like this in the future in US, as I said, the age of I-Robot.

Original (Link) via Defence Tech.


Western and Eastern Air Race

No matter the super power nation or just some small islanded nation, the competition of military might has always been like kids from next door. Hey! I had a bigger toy than you.
China has anounce their mighty next generation fighter aircraft, the J-10A, which original concept from Russia, and in design, hope to break away for their precedent. It is also believes that this aircraft would be a great leap forward in Technology. (Link)

The West are concern, in fact they already have Join Strike Fighter - F35 series standby, the first test flight of this Eagle is schedule at August this year, if every thing go smoothly, it will enter USAF service in 2008 and replace all F15. (Link) and (Link)

The ever upgrading of military tech is like the personal computer in my house, before I can finish my lastest game, from 486 it became P4, and now Dual Core!

The military budget every year also like my daily expenses, I am too stupid to find any connection between them, but than hor! how come they behave the same way, only up never down? And my stress also increase exponentially every year, like that where got mood to vote?


Side Dish:
Do you play World of Warcraft? then read this.

Birth and Origin of extreme helium stars

I heard that two white men have a crush on each other produces this deadly laughing gas, like the recent movie Brokeback Mountain.
Our Sun is a yellow dwarf, I am not sure whether it is before or after the white dwarf, but I am sure I'll not be here to see its last day, nor will my son, my grandson and great grandson.

But, I am not sure whether I will see the ozone layer gets weaker and weaker and finally decided to give mankind a big wash from the polar cap, better start training my boys for sea survival skills.

Two big whit dwarf collide together and form this helium giant, In my view, suppose to contribute to a greater balance of the Universe, or destruction? (Link)

(Link) to the Chinese news


News and Andy Lau



有多少人为你感到不值? (Link)


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Religious satire and insult - how much are you able to take?

Human wedge war not in the name of politic, but in the name of Religion.
Civilisation clashes, mass genoside, slavery, freedom oppression all in the name of some great faith, who wants to be the leader in religion? which faith has the ultimate truth that will finally give salvation to mankind? or is it that we are hopeless?

I think Matt Stone's blog exist by accident, some bits of the big bang must have trigger this thought, merely the Darwinism, Science, no intelligent whatsoever!

Oh! I forgot the warning, if you could offended by people making jokes about you belief, please don't click on this, and his blog.

But if you had a light Heart, please go enjoy Thought Mechanics - Jesus Christ Musical, I will Survive.

and relax hor!


Jewish rabbi singer that perform in clubs and bars

Matisyahu is a Chassidic Jewish who sang and performed at club houses and wine bar alike, he has recently raised many eyebrow and became a jewel internationally.
Because many are not sure whether a Chassidic Jews can sing and perform at public places like clubs and bars, some even said that he is trying to preach through his talent, or the other way round, spoiling the Holy name of the Scripture.

If as conservative Chinese, we can accept this local church preach by singing and performing, and raise Christian singer like Sun Ho, I don’t see why it is so hard for the westerner to accept Matisyahu. (Link)

Google vidoeo have a short clip of Matisyahu singing


Epigenetics - What you can't see can hurt you.

You may be a Christian, Buddhist or just an Atheist, but it is hard to deny how gene is affecting us and our descendant.
Even without any solid proof, many Scientists now start to believe that gene does more than just pass down defects, they actually thinks that gene also carry some "spiritual" properties, and can pass down emotion quality.

Believe it of not, which means some emotion difficulty that you are facing now could be what your ancestor had experience long time ago.

What your child ‘inherit’ also greatly depend on what you go through during your life time, or you tendency in life. This all sound like how the Historian had said that history tends to repeat itself, not to forget how Buddhism explains 因果循环.

Can we change our gene? Maybe not, but we can start to decide what emotion quality we want our children to carry.


According to Digg and Technology Review, EpiGenetics is one of the 10 Emerging Techs.


ETA means Estimated Time of Arrival

I asked my brother to join me for dinner, but first he has to come and fetch me, so we used smsed...

"Where is your work place?"

"I'll wait for you outside your office."


ETA is an military term, but this is called make use of the top search keyword wave, HA!!

Stars River

The oldies Moon River sure capture a lot of audiences and lasted for decades.
How about this pictures, although you cannot see with your naked eyes, the researchers of California State University has revealed them and make it possible for us to see the photos.

Everybody loves to look at stars, staring at every tiny dots and looking for that place.

We call it Dreams. (Link)


Wikipedia stunning wallpaper photo

Wikipedia have a series of beautiful pictures, high resolution and very suitable to save a desktop background. (Link)


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hovering car images in Google earth

Ever since the launch of Google Earth last year, a group of enthusiast has been following it operation almost religiously.
A satellite image showing a car apparently looks like hovering was captured in January, follow by another one today.

Off course, car doesn’t hover, it could be due to satellite image distortion that we are looking at a flying car, and nevertheless it is still interesting to watch.

(Link) to the first sighting, (Link) to the second sighting, like it is some kind of spiritual phenomena of UFO landing.


My very own personal homepage

Other than blogger @ blogspot, Google also offer Google homepages.
It is now at Beta, I dunno what is google intention of this? Maybe it is to encourage Web development, I just grap it and they approve after a couples of days. I heard that now they are not open to everyone, but rest assure, if it hit big, Google will sure open for evybirdy.

I have just started and setup title and description for my own pages, hope I have spare more time, then maybe I can put some effort into this project.

Internet television rants

While I am Googling for Internet TV resources(because Singapore TV program no class), I came across a few of them.
And a few point to note, for myself.
Notably Mediahopper look quite interesting, and I browse through a few of their program(few hundred hor), my eye also cannot take it, maybe some other times. You really need a lot of time to find what you like, and yes, they are all quite available, US, Japan, Korea, take your time hor.

But what like to share is this, the Holersoft free internet TV, it claims to provide 750 TV station, and more, it is also P2P software, which make streaming faster, but you will have to pay to get over the trial period, too bad.

I will definitely start watching wwwiTV, say bye bye Channels U, 5 and 8.

Atomic bomb underground testing video

I am curious, the camera that is taking this video at the scene.....

No EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)wave huh? how come the camera is still ok?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Quantum leap in invention - transparent Integrated Circuit

This revolutionary leaps was claim by Oregon State University (OSU) researchers.
Just what are the advantages of transparent IC?
This Technology is going to make the 'consumable' Electronic products like mobile phone, radio, walkman and so on more affortable, meaning very cheap!

What about computer product? IMHO IT industry also cannot escape the fray, which means we can expect that the PC product prices will plunge for years to come.

From the Article, I also read that HP has got the copyrights of the finding, smart HP! they sure make the move really fast has farsight. So what? Is HP going to come out HP mobile phone? Or perhaps HP MP3 player? it is all possible, because now with this tech, they have an edge, Cheap edge! (Link)


Space travel in Cyberspace

Sourceforge has this woderful software which allow me to experience Jean Luc Picard dream without having to wait for the arrival of 25th century.
I must confess, I had been using this software the whole afternoon for my "worked related research", hope you don't mind.

You can actually see the whole of solar system in stunning graphic at merely an hour.

I spend 1/2 hour warping around Earth at a speed of 1000 Km/sec, which is impossible to accomplish during my life time, they said if you are dead, your spirit can warp through the whloe universe in mere seconds, how I wish that was true.

Go and download from SourceForge for your own space travelling experience. (Link)

Choose your download. (Link)

Watch the short video that I put up:

Go to YouTube to comment on this video. (Link)

Portable surround - Rollei Winzor QX1 360

Come across this Gadget, the white box in the middle of the picture on its charger.
though small but is quite nifty, those who like to carry a gadget that enable surround audio wherever you go, this is the one.

Rollei Winzor QX1 360 is compatible with many audio system and can produce stunning 3D sound effect, if you are a geek for audio, this is a must have.

(Link) to the Chinese review, not by me.


China city crush fake cigarettes to obtain medicine

Solanesol, A useful chemical in tobacco that can be use as Cardiac stimulant and analogue for Vitamin K.
According to WHO, 1.2 million people died from smoking annually in China, they are taking this step as a kill two birds with one stone measure.

Some city in the world are fighting smoking by increase the tax for importing cigarettes, and obtain monies to offset the health problem causes by this habit. So far, there is no public education that is effective enough to do the job, so most of the world treat this as a economic problem, instead of a social problem. (Link)

But than, this is quite a good mathod though.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Yoga Cult that gain popularity in USA

Seung Heun Lee, Grand Master of the now popular Dahn Hak in USA, is also a Korean who started this Falun Gong like Yoga; it includes exercise like Color Breathing etc.Rick Ross views him as Cult and has full details on this man, who now had a total of 147 centers across the country and claims 50,000 American members, and probably also a millionaire by now.

Ya right! Any controversial men like this surely is not only a Cult, but a destructive one, so please get yourself prepared first before this happen again in Singapore. (Link)


Wooden boat made to look exactly like Ferrari

The boat runs on the conventional boat motor and there is nothing so Ferrari about the engine, but both the look and feel are mold to tell the driver’s senses he is on a Ferrari.
I don’t have any more detail, but judging from the photo I can safely say that the boat is now in Venice. As you know Venice has no roads, most building are link via canals and waterway, that is probably the reason the car lover there are inspired to make a Ferrari that run on water.



Birds sculpture cut and crafted out from soft drinks cans

I sighted it on sales at Woodland MRT. Because this is from a roadside seller, I rekon you would not see this again, and antie also look quite 'cham', so I got 2 from her.
The cans was cut away from the top, and the wall was cut into many slices, each slice was then painfully weave unto each other to make it look like either a swan or others birds.

I called this soft drinks cans art, it is even more expressive than Origami.