Wednesday, September 21, 2005

waiting for Christmas is it?

I waited and waited and I am still waiting…
Finally the lunch arrived. My ‘boss’ throw this! Wow! PR and pulling string session.

After the national day rally by our Prime Minister, everything looks so good. We have promise of a vibrant city lah! So many and so many jobs will be created, give you more water and so for. Singaporean are all surely very proud and we all really dream about a bright, open and inclusive society. Than! What are we waiting for? Let’s eat first and talk later.

Our gahmen are so secretive about the coming election, they think that 时机还没成熟. (kristmas give I also prepare oredy, how hard izzit to prepare for elaction?) sound like Rockson right?

But than lostin not politician, don’t know what are they thinking really?

Lets pray!

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