Wednesday, September 21, 2005

morning rock!

Rockson(beware! Heavy language may offend you) went to USA. While he may not know, he has spawned quite a style here in Singapore.

I stumble upon watsen(more strong language) this morning.

They have all reminded me that how geylang and all this places were so bloody at that time, and how our gahmen has ‘put in so much effort to stem them’, they try too hard.

But 话说回来, I am unknowingly affect by that rock also….
Control, control….

Gahmen please sue him leh! He is poisoning our young generation mind yunno!
(rockson relax! This is just a joke)


Anonymous said...

that watsen site taken down is it? cant seem to go in lol...

TZ said...

link mistake, forgiv me, i update liao!