Thursday, September 22, 2005

Small fly

Please freek me first, this is very disturbing hor….

Who are you?

Why did you keep blogging about gahmen issue and blog so much about sensitive things on line?

You think people will listen to you just by putting some pathetic picture and posting some we already know news? You want to get famous by addressing all this dirty things? You think you are some kind of celebrity blogger huh…..

How many people you can rally under you? We have dissolved even the toughest red party in the past, they are some what about few hundred to several thousands more in number, you naïvely think that those blogger will support you? Think again!

You act like a gangster, but do you know that we also have legal gangster in arms. We can put you to silent even without people knowing, disappearing into thin air, do you realize?

Stop what you are doing now! This country is peaceful and everyone living in harmony, why stir up so many trouble? You should focus on making a better life for yourself or do some good for your family; you can also consider being a social worker, which also helps a lot of people.

Please look into my proposal seriously. I wish you all the best.

Yours inclusive and open,

Hey! But I thought I am kool!

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