Friday, September 23, 2005

dun think a damn thing

dun think bout” and you will be happy.

dun think I don’t know
dun think your wife don’t know
dun think about what my boss will say to me this morning
dun think how to pay 1k every month to HDB for the next 30 years
dun think whether you got the chance to vote when the next GE come
dun think how can I finish my Civilisation III before Civilisation IV launch
dun think how to get a higher cert in order to keep up with ever lasting competition
dun think about retirement, insurance and your religion
dun think your salary, your saving and your dog.
dun think there is more to life other than looking at the computer whole day
dun think and don’t wonder whether you have live life to the fullest
dun think why the duration you need to go top up your ez-link card get shorter
dun think why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer
dun think about how my children is going to keep up this ever increasing homework
dun think and don’t complain about life because you have a choice
dun think that I think you think I think
dun think even a thing
dun think I understand what I have just said

Alternate Chinese version: “别认为…..”

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