Thursday, August 25, 2005

superstitious and blog - Are they not related?

Last nite lostin ‘kaypo’ teach a friend how to blog. He said he has something against our gahmen and want to vent his frustration. He also claim that he has a lot of photo for evidence leh.

So want to blog? Blog lor! Anyway I told him that nobody, especially the gahmen is going to bother about what he has to say. But he insisted. So be it.

The 7th month thing has got a bit eerie lately. Lostin was never afraid of ghost, but last nite while taking out the trash he saw this peculiar dark figure loitering around the dump spot(hungry ghost?). Lostin was not scare nor have any particular feeling at that time, but just curious. Because he is too old for all this superstitious stuff, so he just finish his business and went back to bed.

At this Chinese spiritual month, not only there is a lot of ‘Wayang’ everywhere (not here where I stay), but psychologically Chinese people have been seeing things. Why not the Malay? Or the Indian? I think this is obvious. We Chinese have been in this tradition for so long that we expect something to happen when it is supposed to happen.

Back to blogging, Not only lostin is still a green bird in this, but his Singlish also one piece on piece like that. How to blog properly? But than since no one cares about your opinion, why would they bother bout you grammar or vocabulary anyway.

Especially in Singapore, where the one party rule here is so deeply rooted and well place in many aspect of our daily life. Who cares if some stupid blogger got raid or sue or put behind bars for the rest of his life.

Whinning over…

More about ghost tonite.

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