Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Empathy water?

Nature have Consciousness?

This is regarding spiritual message from the nature. If the universe exist by accident, than it will be difficult to explain this seem intelligent design.

In the book of Masaru Emoto, water crystal change form according different environment. They have done a few experiment like putting Tibet Sutra, heavy metal music and Adolph Hitler near the water and observe the form change under this ‘words’.

Read Message form water or ‘幸福的话, 水知道.’

That have make me think of a few experiment I want to do, like:
If I put Bible or a naked photo near it, what would happen?
How would the water react to the word ‘Gay’ or ‘Lesbian’?
Does the crystal form tell that whether the water is happy or not?
What about if I put the word ‘Singapore’ or ‘PAP’ nears it?
(If it is ‘negative’ than we are all drinking poisonous water everyday, talk about the raising rate of cancer in Singapore.) Provided I have a microscope to prove this.

Beauty = Joy?

There are a few things I learn from this:
1. Always eat at home, if you know what I mean.
2. Try exposing you to only positive things, 70% in our body leh!
3. Paste a sticker of ‘Big Jesus’ or ‘观音’ on your water bottle.
4. If you don’t eat and just drink you may also die of some funny diseases.

Side note: anyone can try putting a fifty dollars note under the water and tell me what happen?

This is not preaching right?

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