Friday, August 26, 2005

Small ghost talk

The unknown is always fearful

Most people do not believe in ghost. But yet they fear. They are afraid not of the horrific look, but the unknown, the uncertainty that may be brought fore by that shadowy figure.

Am I afraid of ghost? I couldn’t believe myself fully even if I said no.

But what is ghost? Can human physical body come into real contact with them? If we burn something can it turn into spirit and become real to them? Is all this superstitious or just some blind custom that we follow because our fore father do?

There is a simple logic, if our spirit is eternal than we don’t need a physical body. If we can get anything we want by burning them than….
We better start stocking up now and end our life once we have enough.
Why suffer and struggle constantly in this meatspace if you don’t know what is it for?

Throughout history humanity has been struggling to find the meaning of life.

Have you got any? freek me.

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1 comment:

Pencil said...

Hi Lostin,

Thanks for visiting my site again.

I see that yu are quite updated on your site.

You know previously I thought you were a student, until I read some of your current entires in your blog then I realised you are older than I thought you are.

Btw, why Lost in Space? You mean lost in Time and Space?