Thursday, August 25, 2005

hey dude! My pod is bigger than yours

Straits Times

You pod, I pod. You blog, I blog too.

Ever since the SDP launch their first podcast, our gahmen has been worry sick (or are they?). But the day is over, nobody has outsmart them before and not ever. They have launch something more powderful, BEHOLD! 20’000 downloads per day, which means that they are more popular, right?

Than and than, now this also means everybody else can podcast oredy, including lostin. But he don’t have that sweet DJ voice leh! How to podcast? Fartcast more like it (soft and smelly).

is Straits times lah!

They also conveniently setup what they call web-b-log, surely this also will be something more powderful than what we have.

Good luck on your everybody see but nobody cares blog!

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