Friday, May 26, 2006

Sure, I support Nude Righteous goddess

If you are a Yahoo user, Yahoo search, mail, blog etc, don't worry, they really take good care of you.

Nowsaday, I really got confused with whats art and what obsence. Imagine someone stand on a big stage and shout for world, without any clothes on.
"我讨厌看到悲剧的发生,但我却看到了身边一幕幕的不近人情的事件上演,每天看报纸最多的就是坏消息。但我承认自己终归没有那么大的能力来改变事态,所以我更要见以一次说一次,让大家都吸取教训,不要再发生令人不愉快的事情,这也是我唯一能做的罢……” (Link)

Quotes from the now China emerging sex blogger - 刺猬穆穆, whom stir up a bit wave in the recent China beauty contest for blogger.

Please pardon me, no matter how I try to squeeze my logical juice, I just can't link these 2 things together. Is it, please look at my naked body, they will give you a sense of righteousness. Or, in order to achieve world peace, please support pronography.

Blur! I am sorry!

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