Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Did you regret becoming my friend?

Through those years of my unworthy cause, many of my friends left me after they found out what I was trying do.

I could not bring myself to blame them. They have all the rights to sever this friendship.

I began to win back the relationship with my family; they start to see what I was doing.

Sometimes I still meet friends on the street, they are amaze I have 3 children and still surviving. Some people expect you to suffer but secretly hope that you would last and persevere. Yes, I am happy you see me in this way too.

Just like the old time, when I decided to join the RSN, many people advise against it. I act against their better judgments. I stay in the forces for 7 years. I only regret I have there is listened to this arrogant “Batman” not to act freely.

I am a better man, thanks to him.

Last year, my unit calls me, follow by a letter to tell me my service is no longer required, for reason I cannot express here.

As a NS man, I always feel that Serving in Arm Forces is an act of patriotism. It is not when your motive is question, and your heart is misplaced.

Do you seriously believe that those young punks that you recruit are able to defend the nation with their life? You could be sincerely wrong!

I leave the place and found myself another definition of patriotism, one that you cannot comprehend with that worldly thinking of yours.

If you ask me, yes, we are still friend, always.


Pencil said...


What happened?

You sound really sad.

TZ said...

Thanks for the concern, it just sound like that, butt it is not.

glad to see you are back.

what is more heart breaking than a patroit betrayed by his own nation?