Monday, May 22, 2006

A good reason for whatever price hike

Due to the ever demanding social requirement, you see lah! I ask you not to vote them complain about safety anymore you dun listen, now they have a reason to ask for another price increase
Actually, my young and beautiful Missy at home is quite supportive with this idea. While I am worry about the infringement of Human rights and privacy, she hash at me and says:

"Who care about your pathetic Human Rights when we are threaten by terroist!"
"But, thats the reason they use to install more camera, before you know it, they gonna put one infront of your door, tap your phone etc."
"Put lah! What's more important? Safety should come first."
"But.. but.."

Never argue with a woman who is defending her 3 kids. (Link)

Such a BIG Singapore News, go until Manila. (Link)

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