Tuesday, May 23, 2006

China vs America

China fight back US for their “anyhow” annual report on religion and humans rights

America annual report 2006 on China policy stated:

“The space for political openness, public activism and greater civil and individual freedoms is narrowing in China. Over the past year, the Communist Party has tightened its control over religious leaders as well as journalists, intellectuals, the Internet and non-governmental organization.” (Link)

This is part of the full 16 pages report that will surely halt many foreign investors. China did not sit and ignore….

Either the religious leaders rally themselves or“special” forces behind them initiate the move. The Dragon fights back.

Islam – Chairman of the Islam association of China (陈广元), says,
China has about 10 or more minority ethnic groups, Moslem stand about 20 millions of the population. Their life of faith being respected and their religion practices are protected under the law of China. There is no oppression.

Taoism – Chairman of Taoist association (任法融), says,
Ever since the Reformation, China has been working very hard in upholding freedom of religion. America ignores real facts, and uses the prosecution of Falun Group to attack our society. Please bear in mind that the banning of Falun is the will of the people.

Catholic – Vice Chairman of the National Patriotic Association (爱国会), (刘柏年) says,
The annual report twisted a most of the facts and causes a misleading view point. The current Catholic situation is fine. During the last visit the American visited us and compliment on our effort about religious freedom. Why now the contrary reports?

Christian – Association of Christian, Vice Chairman (于新粒), says,
There is truly religious freedom in China. Bible publication has reached 40 millions copies, this is the proof. America is doing the wrong thing to the World. Christian of China object to the way America disrupt others nation internal affair by using the names of Religion.

More…. (Link)

Much of these debates are unreal for me. In the Internet almost anything can be fake.

Another point need to note is, the general concern of the religious leaders in China are, whether or not they are being oppress. They mention the Falun Groups in many occasions, clearly this is not an issue about religious freedom, it is all about the banning of “cult” they deem dangerous to their traditional belief. This is a justification.


So much for religious freedom, more like it is determined by numbers.

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