Monday, April 24, 2006

Till the last Gospel we meet

National Geographic News: Ever since Dan Brown release his controversial book The DaVinci Code, more and more of Bible issue has been bring online for debate. The Scripture as the ultimate guide has been question. Soon, those secret that was hidden in the Scripture will come under the same inquisition.
Today NGN brought out the issue of "Lost Gospel of Judas".
Stating that Judas's betrayal of the Lord was actually Jesus own idea, part of the plot to fulfill the prophecy, and the mission of Messiah. (Link)

Is there anything more we need said? Human are getting more intellectual, we question the history, question our gahmen, now, we even question the Scripture.

What does your Heart tell you?

Upadte: Another possible find of the Gospel, this is getting better and better. (Link)


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