Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am Empathic, I swear

Today I pop into one of my own link, like checking out on neighbour.
Haruko さん, why didn't you tell me you are a woman?
Anyway, I can smell you right from the beginning.

Don't misunderstand! I mean your gentle scent from your blog.

I am not doubting you, hope you understand, but is that really your pic? Whether you are aware or not, many 'chiobu' blogger are very dao, especially Singapore one, they all think that they possess gloden kan, any words come out from their mouth are golden puff, and any letters they put down are diamond script.

They wedge war among themselves and dragged those foolish man along.

They are, indeed like the box office movie of the week.

True thing last, and fake thing past, I hope our friendship is real and would last.
(Purely for friendship purpose off course, someone is reading this hor!)

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