Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some gossip info on China Web

Can you guess who is the most talk about blogger in the China Web?

It is not 木子美 and also not 芙蓉姐姐, they seem a bit outdated oredi!

It is 老徐, who is she?? Yes...! you heard me right! is a she.

Go take a look, Her blog got an average of 1000 comments per post! and the average hits is 100000 per day! and her blog also VSFW! very 'clean' to visit, no racist remark, no ugly news.
Some may find it outright boring, boring or not, she is still the top or among the top.

How come like this also cannot enter Technorati top list huh?
Something to do with China readers or China blogger?

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