Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spectacular view of unsold cars stash around the world

Nissan car stashQuote from Japan Car Blog,

“Carmakers around the world are axing jobs and halting production as the number of unsold cars climbs to unprecedented levels. Storage areas and docksides that once functioned as temporary parking are now packed with vast number of unsold cars and it looks like they’re running out of places to put them. Nissan sure is. They’ve resorted to stashing row upon row of unsold Micras on their factory test track.”

Nissan, Jaguar, Honda, Toyota.. They are all running out of place to park their glorious machine, hence, they parked them anywhere. As I say, prodigious view.

(Link) Japan Car Blog, Car makers running out of space to park unsold cars.

(Link) Jalopnik, Carpocalypse Now, Where Are Automakers Stashing Unsold Cars?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link TZ. Really appreciate it.

I've added your site to my favorites and will visit regularly.

TZ said...

You are welcome.