Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spore: Creatism or Darwinism

Spore: Creatism or DarwinismThe about to take mass media by storm, Spore, receive a 91% rating from PC Gamer, I think it would get the same at others. So is the controversy it arouses. I remembered a game name ‘Black and White’, which you play god, torture or bless your creation as you see fit. I like that idea although I didn’t play the game.

If God can create human perfect, why didn’t he do it in the first place?

In Spore, I heard, you can make a humanoid so much like man, which will make you conclude. Human, must have been designed.

Read this post: Intelligent design and popular culture: Spore game site dupes atheists.

There is even a site: Anti Spore. You tell me.

It is not whether God exist that is important. It is what you want your children to know. We are just a breed of super mutant monkey, by chance, by a strike of lighting, transform us into an intelligent ape, who appreciate nature without any apparent reason, or, we are prepared and designed.

I would like to read more critics about this game. I will also try it out

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