Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Melamine, how far has it spread already?

Black DeathAccording to NewScientist, It is worst than we thought. Here are few quotes,

“So far, 53,000 infants have fallen ill after drinking formula milk deliberately adulterated with melamine. Four babies have died, 13,000 have been hospitalised and 104 are in a critical condition with kidney stones caused by the adulterant. A girl in Hong Kong has become the first case of poisoning outside China.”

“But in a report released in May 2007, the US Food and Drug Administration said its investigations found that consuming "pork, chicken, fish and eggs from animals that had inadvertently been fed animal feed contaminated with melamine ... was very unlikely to pose a human health risk".

Wow! Like that, sounds like propaganda to boycott China food, and chicken, and fish, and pig that was fed in China.

Read more here. (Link) NewScientist,

Update: Damn it! Cadbury chocolate too. Seem like it is worst than SARS..

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