Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The World, Vatican and Pope meaningless rants

Or should I reverse the order to Pope, Vatican and the World, because ..... you know, Somehow I got the feeling that someone might be the master of The World, representing God himself.
After denounces Da Vinci Code movie, The Vatican may move to excommunicate China Catholic Churches. (Link), (Link) and another (Link)

Holy shite!, now then I know China got about 7 million underground Catholics, damn! more than two times the population of Singapore.

After one thousand six hundred over years of establishment, China (PRC - the Communist) still able to force a few million people goes underground without stiring up any rebels, this type of thing only can happen to typical Chinese.

Singapore likewise, that is no wonder some party favor Communism style. Quench with fist, keep it away from the people, very very effective kind of management style.

Hats off! China.

(Thoughts): I am going to find some blog, from the underground Catholic members.

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