Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Evil must be....

As many of those MSM Journalist would like to say, a few million people can't be wrong. What about 70 million? Are you so sure they are right?
The Epoch Times, whch by now has gain a significant foot hold in many country, not only with Chinese, but with the locals as well.

There are many critics still view Epoch Times as a propaganda mouth piece of the Falun Gong group, how true is it?

The future of this newspaper will be interesting to watch. (Link)

When I say Singapore usually follow the same stance as China, I am refering to, specially pointed to the Falun Gong Group, because it happen during the same time. (Link) and (Link)

But My research effort has hit a wall here, I have no insight of what is the situation they are facing in Singapore now. I would gladly post it here if I get to know them, but they are so quiet here in Singapore, peculiar indeed. (If any Singapore Falun members is reading this, I am interested to find out, please contact me.)

I also did a search for them on the web, all results show how the world and the gahmen has prosecuted them, which also means that their effort in making their voice heard had succeeded. (Link)

How come huh? sometimes I really don't understand, whenever there is a new belief, people always feel threaten and start to prosecute them, especially the gahmen, don't they all preach Freedom of Religion in their constituition?

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