Thursday, May 18, 2006

Da Vinci controversy escalated.

Again, this should make Mr Dan Brown more popular target for rotten eggs, I wonder would they throw stone at him at sight or not?
This time, never before, thanks to him, 2 religion fighting for centuries united to protest the Da Vinci Code Movie. They even threaten to take matters into their own hands if the local gahmen heck care! News from India. (Link)

As usual, Singaporean never even fart.


Update: Asian Christian Leaders make their moves, including Singapore. (Link)


Unknown said...

In the end, it's just a novel.

TZ said...

You and I, we are sure that is a novel.

But, when too many come to believe in something that doesn't really exist, it become the true.

Just like the monkey god, I still see young and educated people praying to "it"