Friday, October 14, 2005

Singapore may become tatooine

More and more Singaporean got tattoo on their body, especially young lady, whenever lostin is travelling home or in some public places, he spot some of this hidden art flashing here and there, and it is getting increasingly more, seem like it is going to become another form of self expression.

When lostin spotted this type of body art, he cannot help but ask himself some question:

Is this beautiful?
Some are but mostly not.

Is this sinful?
Religious question, ha, *ahem*, not here.

Is this useful?
Other than some sensual effect, lostin really can’t see any positive value that tattoo can bring, if minus the permanent result on the body, it could be one of the creative way for self expression.

Other than this, it seem harmless in many way, but they are some people who prefer not to have it despite they have no former negative education about tattoo whatsoever, Why? Conscious?

But it is becoming a trend now; many times lostin is tempted to go get one, because it is cool! Nothing but cool! Haha! Maybe a fake one will do.

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